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Lela Emad, MD, FACOG

Today I saw a new patient with a complicated GYN problem who wanted a second pinion. Her sister- in law, who lives in San Diego, chose me after doing a lot of  online research. I have to credit this to your excellent job of creating and managing our on-line presence. As you can imagine, we are getting more of our referrals this way. Your contribution to our on-line image and reviews has been invaluable.





Women’s OB/GYN Medical Group

Lela Emad, M.D., FACOG

Shaun RalstonIn my role as Regional Marketing and Communications Manager for Sutter Health, a multi-billion dollar healthcare system in Northern California, we engage a variety of outside talent to elevate our brand, drive qualified leads and support our business development objectives. JB Communications is one of those rare supportive firms that take the time to understand our core business, facilitate research, propose new tactics and produce timely deliverables within budget. Most important, however, they are all about the work; from conception to production, they lighten our internal load, keeping our marketing endeavors organized and on schedule. And, their output is stellar – always in line with our branding guidelines, while bringing a unique creativity and professionalism to the table. For 15+ years, we’ve come to rely on JB Communications’ veteran medical marketing professionals for servicing our local affiliated hospitals and medical foundations. Finally, their demeanor is consistently friendly; turning everyday tasks into pleasurable collaboration. With exception of our competitors, I’d highly recommend JB Communications!

– Sutter Health

Shaun Ralston

West Bay Regional Marketing Manager

Thomas Degenhardt, MDAs the largest orthopedic group in Sonoma County, Santa Rosa Orthopedic Medical Group (SRO) depends on JB Communications (JBC) to provide us marketing, public relations and online services. JBC was able to re-brand SRO, developing and implementing a successful, long-term, comprehensive marketing plan. We find JBC to be creative and highly professional. We are completely confident with JBC’s ability to represent us to the medical and general community. JBC has a comprehensive understanding of our industry, constantly developing new strategies as well as keeping us accessible to our target markets. JBC is solely responsible for developing and implementing SRO’s Physician Relations and Referral Program and functions as an SRO Ambassador in the medical community. JBC also offers comprehensive PR, advertising, and image management services, website development and maintenance and effectively coordinates our social media and search engine optimization (SEO). The group finds it both easy and pleasurable to work with JBC and we highly recommend them for any corporate communications needs.

– Santa Rosa Orthopaedic Medical Group

Thomas Degenhardt, MD

President, SRO

Ruth Skidmore'I have had the pleasure of working with JB Communications for more than 15 years. I find their marketing services to be very professional and creative, and it is a pleasure to work with them. They keep up to date with the latest marketing communications methods, and are true experts in their field. JBC offers Northern California Medical Associates (NCMA) a highly diversified set of vital marketing strategies, advising our medical community as our corporation grows. JBC offers strategic public relations development, advertising and image management as well as a physician referral and relations program. They also offer expert-level website development/maintenance services, outstanding social media, and search engine optimization (SEO). They are trailblazers within the medical marketing field, and it has been our extreme pleasure working with them throughout the years. NCMA has complete confidence in JB Communications’ ability to help support our continuing success, and we highly recommend them to any business that is in need of quality marketing services.

– Northern California Medical Associates

Ruth Skidmore